What are the popular Brazilian Zouk Songs & Music?

Here’s a list of popular Brazilian Zouk dance music and songs:

  1. “Eu Quero Tchu, Eu Quero Tcha” by João Lucas & Marcelo
  2. “Meu Amor” by Djodje feat. Ricky Boy
  3. “Ai Se Eu Te Pego!” by Michel Teló
  4. “Vem Morena” by Alex Ferrari
  5. “Magalenha” by Sérgio Mendes
  6. “Balada” by Gusttavo Lima
  7. “Tá Escrito” by Revelação
  8. “Danza Kuduro” by Don Omar feat. Lucenzo
  9. “Te Amo” by C4 Pedro feat. Lil Saint
  10. “Depois do Prazer” by Soweto

These songs are popular choices among Zouk dancers for their catchy rhythms, melodic tunes, and danceable beats.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, these tracks are sure to get you moving on the dance floor!

These songs are known for their catchy beats, infectious rhythms, and ability to get dancers moving and grooving on the dance floor.