“The Rio 30”- Brazilian Zouk Immersion Course

Welcome to the Worlds most exciting Brazilian Zouk Training Program!

Have you ever wanted to hop on a plane and fly to Brazil to train dance every single day?

To wake up and eat delicious local fruits and share stories of last night’s crazy party with your friends over cafe de maña.

Have you ever wanted to disappear and show up in a new place with a super exciting culture and history in relationship to this dance of Zouk we love?

If you have ever wanted to experience the authentic nature of Brazilian culture and the culture of the Brazilian dance then why not join us in Brazil for the real deal?

Join the Rio Zouk Immersion Course today and spend 30 days in our intense training program.

Eat delicious Brazilian Food daily made in-house by our private chef.

Share Portuguese lessons with your peers and use what you learned in the town when we all go social dancing together.

Enjoy any level course that allows you to get training specific to your level of dance.

While in Brazil you will have the opportunity to connect with other dancers and artists in a way totally separate from other week-long retreats, Zouk festival, or Zouk Congress.

When you come to Brazil and train with us expect the unexpected, you will leave with experiences that have no way to be put into words and you will leave with more than you ever expected.

To join our semi-all-inclusive course, please fill out the application from this link: 2024 Rio Zouk Immersion Application

See you in Brazil!