Breakfast at copacabana fort
with gorgeous Copacabana view

Experience the serene beauty of Rio de Janeiro's Barra Lake with a captivating boat tour, followed by a delightful lunch at one of the best restaurants on Gigoia Island.

Hidden in Copacabana Fort is the place to have breakfast in Rio with one of the best views. It is called Café 18 do Forte, a franchise of the famous Confeitaria Colombo, the traditional coffeehouse in downtown Rio. Its best feature is probably its outdoor terrace. Having said that, the historical vibe of the location and the cobblestone street are a treat for any visitor. You can sit either inside or outside, while looking at the surfers catching waves in front of the fort. Breakfast is basic but palatable. Opens at 10.00 and is closed on Monday. You have to pay an entrance fee of 6 real (adults), because there is a museum inside the fort. A cultural addition to your breakfast.

The Copacabana Fort is a traditional tourist spot in Rio de Janeiro that offers an incredible view of the beaches in the southern zone of Rio. The building, which in the past protected the city from maritime attacks, houses the Historical Army Museum and is a very pleasant outdoor activity. The open part of the space has two cafes, perfect for those who want to have a breakfast with a view or enjoy afternoon tea.

The most popular is the traditional Colombo bakery, which has other branches in the city center and the southern zone, offering a rich menu. For those who want to try their coffee, it’s good to arrive early and be patient, as the place tends to get crowded and have a waiting line.

Confeitaria Colombo

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 7pm, it has a small indoor lounge with tables and chairs, but the most sought-after space is the outdoor tables on the “balcony” overlooking the sea, which guarantee beautiful photos and a very pleasant atmosphere.

Among the options, one of the most popular for breakfast is the “Chá do Forte” (Double), which costs R$139 and is well served for two people. The option comes with a basket with mini brioches, croissant, almond pillow, 2 special cheese breads made with cured cheese, 2 slices of traditional Petrópolis toast, 2 glasses of natural yogurt with granola, 2 cups of coffee or tea or hot chocolate or coffee with milk, butter, honey, jam, 4 slices of ham, 4 slices of prato cheese, 2 glasses of orange juice, 2 cakes of the day, and 2 unparalleled Lusitanian sweets of coconut and cheese.

Café do Forte 18

The venue was voted the “best breakfast in Brazil” for 2023 by magazine Prazeres da Mesa and operates from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm. The most popular breakfast “Café do Forte”, served for two people, costs R$158 and comes with bread, butter, avocado cream, cold cuts from small producers, canastra cheese breads, banana bread, scrambled organic eggs with bacon farofa, yogurt with granola and fruits, cake of the day, raindrop cakes, dulce de leche, and jam. The customer chooses two options of hot drinks, including: double espresso, double filtered machiatto, hot chocolate, and cappuccino.