What are the Different Styles of Brazilian Zouk?​

What are the Different Styles of Brazilian Zouk?

Brazilian Zouk has evolved into various styles, each with its own characteristics and influences from different dance forms. Here are some of the prominent styles:

1. Traditional Zouk (Rio-style Zouk)

Traditional Zouk can be both linear and circular, incorporating a set of elements or basic patterns known by specific names in Portuguese. It features well-defined basic steps and rhythmic patterns, allowing for creativity and improvisation. Traditional Zouk has roots in the original Brazilian Zouk style and has evolved over time.

2. Lamba Zouk (Zouk Lambada or Porto Seguro Style)

Lamba Zouk has a close connection to the Lambada dance form. It is characterised by constant, nonstop movement, unlike the Traditional style. Lamba Zouk retains elements from the Lambada dance style while incorporating new movements and patterns.

3. Mzouk

Originated outside of Brazil in Mallorca, Spain. Defines basic steps and movements through nomenclature rather than preset patterns, allowing for unique sequences of movements. Mzouk brings a fresh perspective to Brazilian Zouk with its innovative approach to choreography and movement.

4. Soulzouk

SoulZouk is a Zouk style created in Rio de Janeiro by a dancer named China (now written as “Xina”). Focuses on biomechanic body movements and mutual understanding between partners for a more organic and natural dance experience. Soulzouk emphasizes close embrace and connection between partners, offering a different style within the Zouk community.

5. Zouk Flow

Created by Arknjo in Rio de Janeiro, influenced by urban dance culture. Utilizes a Hip-Hop synergy and natural energy of body movements to create unique steps and choreography. Zouk Flow blends elements of urban dance styles with Brazilian Zouk, adding a contemporary flair to the dance form.

6. Neozouk

Neozouk style focused on circular movements and energy management, developed by Mafie Zouker and Ruanita Santos. Emphasizes the philosophy of energy flow and circular movements in choreography. Neozouk offers a fresh perspective on movement dynamics and energy exchange in Brazilian Zouk. These styles showcase the diversity and creativity within the Brazilian Zouk dance community, with each style bringing its unique flavor and influences to the dance form.