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Nestled between lush mountains and the Atlantic, Rio de Janeiro is a vibrant playground for personal growth and zouk dancing. It’s a city where every corner invites you to dance your heart out, with a rhythm that never sleeps.

Copacabana and Ipanema beaches are your natural stages for zouk dancing, where the soft sands and ocean waves create a perfect backdrop for personal growth and connection.

Explore the sizzling dance parties in Lapa, where the city truly comes alive after dark, and the streets become a stage for your passion and music to intertwine. Rio de Janeiro, a marvelous city, guarantees a lifelong love affair with vibrant living.

Visit some of Rio de Janeiro’s most famous attractions as we set out to see the city each Saturday!

Some of the most amazing sites in the world exist in this city!
(For an extra, but low, cost)

It is truly an enchanting place to visit for any length of time!

Scheduled activities include:

Cristo Redentor

Christ the Redeemer

Pão de Açucar

Sugarloaf Mountain

Lapa and Rio Scenarium

Be a part of a “Once in a lifetime experience”

“If you want to learn a dance you need to understand the BODY of the people. why they hold and move their BODY that way is a reflection of their CULTURE. To know the culture is to know the Dance.”
Jamie Aroxa
Jaime Aroxa
“To dance is to live, to live well we must balance reason and emotion, to be a great dancer is to express emotion through all of the techniques that you use”
Renata Pecanha

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Brazil currently has visa-free entry to any residents of the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Japan.

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