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Now LIVE, EAT, & SLEEP Brazilian Zouk From June 8th to July 8th 2025


Experience the Ultimate 30-day Brazilian Zouk Classes

Rio Zouk Immersion specializes in Brazilian Zouk Dance workshops and bootcamps featuring renowned artists. Join us in Brazil for an unforgettable 30-day Brazilian Zouk Dance Training unlike any other. Indulge in local fruits, immerse in culture, and dance your heart out.

Step into the heart of Brazil and embark on a 30-day Brazilian Zouk journey like no other with the Rio Zouk Immersion dance retreat.

Hone your Brazilian Zouk dance skills

Look no further!

The Rio Zouk Immersion Course offers an intense Brazilian Zouk dance training program, where participants will delve into the authentic nature of Brazilian dance and culture. Our private chef will delight your taste buds with mouthwatering Brazilian food daily, ensuring you have the energy to dance your heart out!

Our 30 Day Classes Caters to all levels

There isn’t another month-long Brazilian Zouk dance & cultural retreat like this; Rio Zouk Immersion is an unparalleled opportunity to connect with like-minded Brazilian Zouk artists and dancers, creating memories that go beyond words.


Expect the unexpected during this profound personal journey!

Join Us In Brazil...

for an unforgettable experience that will leave you with more than you ever imagined.

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We have limited spots available for the 2024 Rio Zouk Immersion Course.

Secure your place in this limited space, life-changing program!

Be a part of a “Once in a lifetime experience”

“If you want to learn a dance you need to understand the BODY of the people. why they hold and move their BODY that way is a reflection of their CULTURE. To know the culture is to know the Dance.”
Jamie Aroxa
Jaime Aroxa
“To dance is to live, to live well we must balance reason and emotion, to be a great dancer is to express emotion through all of the techniques that you use”
Renata Pecanha



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Renata Peçanha

Zouk Professor

Jorge Peres

Zouk Professor

Rafael Oliveira

Zouk Professor

Izabel Ramos

Zouk Professor

Michelle Andrade

Zouk Professor

Gabi de Carvalho

Zouk Professor

Jotta Piedade

Zouk Professor

Luanna Rodrigues

Zouk Professor

Bruna Pecanha

Zouk, Lambazouk

Irla Carina

Zouk, Lambazouk

Rodrigo Argolo

Zouk, Lambazouk

Bárbara Lima

Zouk Professor 

Raphael Bercovitch

Zouk Professor 

Evellyn Vasconcelos

Zouk Professor

Mafie Zouker

Zouk Professor 

Anna Russo

Zouk Professor 

Isadora Nascimento

Zouk Professor


Zouk Professor

Jonathan Troupe

Zouk Professor

Casa in Copa

Checkout our beautiful accommodations in Copacabana where we will stay with our international tribe of dancers!

Cultural Activities

Visit some of Rio de Janeiro’s most famous attractions
as we set out to see the city each Saturday!

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Get prepared for travel

Make sure you have a valid passport (valid at least until Jan. 22, 2025) and research your country’s visa requirements.

Brazil currently has visa-free entry to any residents of the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Japan.

Make flight arrangements

After securing a flight, reach out to us so we can prepare your new home away from home – a penthouse apartment overlooking Copacabana beach.
Get excited, life will never be the same! International travel & cultural exchange changes lives.


Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

“If you want to learn a dance you need to understand the BODY of the people. why they hold and move their BODY that way is a reflection of their CULTURE. To know the culture is to know the Dance.”
Jamie Aroxa
Jaime Aroxa


Student Choice Awards

This year we are introducing our “Student Choice awards”. The top three students participating in our course will be awarded amazing prizes. The first prize will be a additional 1 month Training Opportunity in Brazil as an official member of Renata Pecanha’s Dance Company in Lapa (a “Bolsista” or “Scholarship student”) for one – two months directly after the immersion course and have the privilege of being mentored by the Queen of Zouk, and her dance company of professionals in many styles of Brazilian dance including Zouk.
*Student choice awards go to the students with the most votes from the artists of the course.